effects of smokeless tobacco

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  • Smokeless Tobacco: Health Effects CDC

    Smokeless Tobacco: Health Effects Addiction to Smokeless Tobacco. Smokeless Tobacco and Cancer. The most harmful chemicals are tobacco-specific nitrosamines, which form during the Smokeless Tobacco and Oral Disease. Reproductive and Developmental Risks. Other Risks. Additional research is

  • Health Risks of Smokeless Tobacco - American Cancer Society

    Other harmful health effects of smokeless tobacco include: Increased risk of dying from heart disease and stroke Increased risk of early delivery and stillbirth when used during pregnancy

  • Health Effects of Smokeless Tobacco Products American Lung

    Health Effects of Smokeless Tobacco Products Key Facts about Smokeless Tobacco. There are two main types of smokeless tobacco used in the U.S., chewing tobacco and Smokeless Tobacco Use in the U.S.. Even though cigarette smoking has decreased in recent years, smokeless tobacco has Dual Use.

  • Health Effects of Smokeless Tobacco

    Adolescents who use smokeless tobacco are more likely to become cigarette smokers. 5 Smokeless tobacco users are 4-6 times more likely to develop oral cancer compared to non-users and these cancers can form within 5 years of regular use. 6 Smokeless tobacco use has been shown to be a gateway drug not only leading to cigarette smoking,

  • Health effects of smokeless tobacco (Journal Article) OSTI.GOV

    Copy to clipboard. . 1986. "Health effects of smokeless tobacco". United States. Copy to clipboard. article osti7106987, title Health effects of smokeless tobacco, author , abstractNote Pharmacologic and physiologic effects of snuff and chewing tobacco include the gamut of cardiovascular, endocrinologic, neurologic, and psychological effects that are associated with nicotine.

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  • Smokeless tobacco products - Mayo Clinic

    Health problems related to smokeless tobacco include the following: Addiction. Nicotine is the chemical that makes tobacco addictive. Research suggests that people who use smokeless Cancer. The use of chewing tobacco and other smokeless tobacco products increases the risk of cancer of the

  • Metabolic and cardiovascular effects of smokeless tobacco

    The literature on the cardiovascular side effects of ST is scant, and there are many controversies associated with its use, for various reasons. Study findings show that ST may modestly increase cardiovascular mortality and produces transient changes in heart rate and blood pressure however, it does not increase the risk of atherosclerosis or myocardial infarction.

  • Smokeless Tobacco

    Increased risk of dying from heart disease and stroke. Increased risk of early delivery and stillbirth when used during pregnancy. Smokeless tobacco can lead to nicotine poisoning and even death in children who mistake it for candy. All smokeless tobacco contains nicotine, which can lead to addiction.

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