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  • Discount Cigarettes for UK

    Discount Cigarettes Store offers cheap cigarettes online. Why Smokers Buy Cigarettes on the Internet? Because many people have no possibility regularity to purchase the favorite cigarette brands.

  • Smoking a smokeless cigarette ECLIPSE - YouTube

    Look At the tip of the cigarette! No smokeThese are called ECLIPSE and you can find them ONLY in North Carolina, a s far as I know.

  • "Safer" Cigarettes: A History NOVA PBS

    In 1994, RJR began testing the Eclipse smokeless cigarette, which claimed to reduce secondhand smoke by 85 to 90 percent. Eclipse is more like an ordinary cigarette than its predecessor Premier

  • Eclipse Cigarette Promotional Video - YouTube

    A Whole New World for Smokers. A funny promotional video for Eclipse Cigarettes. This is the original full VHS released by RJ Reynolds in 1995.

  • Eclipse: does it live up to its health claims? Tobacco Control

    An RJR study that examined delivery of smoke particulates using puff parameters similar to those taken by humans (that is, a 56 ml, 2 second puff every 26 seconds) showed lower yields of many smoke constituents other than water and glycerin, compared to cigarettes. 11 However, because the mean puff volume drawn on Eclipse by RJR's volunteer smokers was 67 ml and the interpuff interval was 19.7 seconds, 5 both of which are substantially less than maximal test parameters, these findings are

  • CNN - Smokeless cigarette goes on sale - June 3, 1996

    Eclipse makes less smoke than ordinary cigarettes because it doesn't actually burn. Instead, a charcoal tip is ignited which heats up the tobacco.

  • RJ Reynolds loses over $325million creating a smokeless cigarette

    Despite the huge public outcry from health authorities including the US Surgeon General, it transpired that the real reason Eclipse had failed to catch fire was because consumers still felt absolutely no desire for a smokeless cigarette. Conclusion . Seeking to play up the health benefits of cigarettes is by its very nature a contradiction in terms.

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