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    Alfred Dunhill entered the international floor of the cigar world in the distant year 1907, when he opened his first shop in Londons Duke Street. The store was well-stocked and, alongside Cuban cigars, also had a large selection of pipes and pipe tobacco.

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    When the Dunhill Duke Street shop was opened in 1907, it wasn't a pipe shop. You couldn't even really call it a tobacco shop, in our modern sense. It was, effectively, the office of a bespoke blender, and the main components of that business were components themselves, as in component tobaccos, plus a book the My Mixture Book. It was there that visitors and regulars to the Dunhill shop had their custom-fitted blends recorded, noted, and numbered some 36,700 of them by the close of

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    Dunhill cigarettes brand is owned by British American Tobacco. The brand was started by Alfred Dunhill. He first entered the tobacco scene by opening several tobacco shops in 1907. His shops were known for their gentlemen-club atmosphere and range of tobacco products.


    1941 Alfred Dunhills Duke Street store is bombed during World War II it was extended and rebuilt in the 1950s and recently renovated. 1956 The Rollagas butane lighter is launched. 1963 Manufacture of Dunhill brand cigarettes starts. 1985 First annual Alfred Dunhill Cup golf tournament.

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    The History of the Dunhill Cigarettes. Dunhill cigarettes are introduced in 1908. Alfred Dunhill starts by opening tobacco shops in 1907 and soon it becomes famous with a range of tobacco products.

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    Tins showing the United Kingdom as the country of origin date to after 1981 (i.e. Murrays production). Tins advising that the tobacco was manufactured under the authority of Dunhill date to 1990 1995. Tins advising that the tobacco was manufactured in association with Dunhill date to after 1995.

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    Dunhill Cigarette Lighters. A History of Dunhill Lighters. Dunhill is a pioneering name in lighters. Right from the veryfirst model in 1923, aptly and confidently named. Unique, Dunhill has been a lighter name synonymous with innovation,quality and reliability. THE TWENTIES.

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