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    The first stages in curing your tobacco leaves are the drying and colour curing of your tobacco to remove moisture and turn the leaf brown. Your tobacco leaves are about 90% moisture, so while each plant can give you 1 kilo (2 pounds) of tobacco leaves, the dried weight is only about 100 grams.

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    The primary tobacco curing methods consist of air curing, sun curing, fire curing, and flue curing. Each method has its own unique benefits and is used for different tobacco varietals, marking the first step in the manufacturing process of many of our cherished mixtures.

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    Hanging Tobacco Leaves for Drying 1. Dry tobacco in the fall for the best results. The warm, dry days and cool, relatively humid nights of the late summer 2. Pick leaves that are a pale-yellow for drying. Tobacco leaves that are too green will dry green, which you want to 3. Find a

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    There are 4 basic types of curing. Air Cured, Flue Cured, Sun Cured and Fire Cured For cigarettes we will only be concerned with the first three. Fire cured is used for pipe tobacco, chew and cigars as it adds flavor as well as converts more sugars to make a sweeter milder tobacco.

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    4 Ways to Cut Tobacco for a Cigarette or Pipe The old-fashioned way: Squeeze the leaves together into a tight bundle. Using a very sharp knife and a chopping board, My favorite way (the lazy bugger method): Begin the process outlined above, but don't muck about trying to finely cut The fancy

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    Fire curing is the tobacco equivalent of barbecuing. With this method, the leaf is exposed to open fires (smoldering rather than blazing) that give off smoke. In some cases, the amount of smoke is fairly moderate. Dark fired Kentucky (a form of Burley) has a modest smokiness that adds a woodsy bite.

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    Curing BRIGHT. The first step in preparing harvested bright tobacco for market is curing. The crop is placed in specially equipped structures known as bulk barns. Forced-air heat flows through the leaves of bright tobacco, during a five- to seven-day drying process. This draws out the bright lemon or golden color that gives bright tobacco its

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    Air-cured tobacco is carried out by hanging the tobacco in a well-ventilated barns, where the tobacco is allowed to dry over a period of four to eight weeks. Air-cured tobacco is generally low in sugar content, which gives the tobacco smoke a light, smooth, semi- sweet flavor. These tobacco leaves usually have a high nicotine content.

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