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    Standard Band G. 2012 on - initially for the Piramides Extra, with other cigars starting mid-2014. Embossed, with hologram logo and strips top and bottom. Since 2017, there is a hidden code on the right wing of the band that can be revealed with a UV blacklight. Standard band H - Maduro.

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    This original cigar was an unnamed Laguito No.1, and in 1967, two addition sizes were added .a Laguito No.2 and a Laguito No.3. The cigar brand remained unnamed until 1966, when it was officially named Cohiba. In 1969 the three cigars were given commercial names and the packaging and band designs finalised (see Standard Band A).

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    Cohiba Robustos (New Cohiba Bands) This cigar provides one powerful smoke, full of earthy and oak flavors. It has a full-bodied flavor with a complex character. Share your thoughts!

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    Created in 1966, Cohiba was not commercially released until 1982. The brand is known for its canary yellow coloring and famous white-and-black checkboard band. The heart and soul of Cohibas packaging, though, is the famous Taino Indian head logo, a graphic depiction of Cubas native tribe. (The word Cohiba is the Taino word for tobacco.)

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    The first authentic Cohiba Behike carried a cigar band that was a technological advancement on the market. Numerous complex impressions and an intricate trim were accompanied by holographic images that carried codes. This was the first time that a Cuban cigar band carried 3-D imaging, clearly an effort to discourage fakes.

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    <p>Cuban Cigar Cohiba<p> <p>Cohiba is the flagship brands of Habanos. It was created in 1966 for President Fidel Castro himself and was made on the then high secret however now world well-known El Laguito manufacturing facility. At first, it was solely seen outdoors Cuba as presents for heads of state and visiting diplomats. Since 1982 Cohiba has been obtainable in restricted portions to the

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    Since 1982, it was offered to the public in three sizes: Lanceros, Coronas Especiales and Panetelas. In 1989, three more sizes were added to complete the classic line namely: Esplendidos, Robustos and Exquisitos. In 1992, the following five sizes were further made in order to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the discovery of Cuba in 1492: Siglo I, II, III, IV and V.

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    The original Cuban Cohiba cigars were established in 1966 as a limited production private brand made exclusively for Fidel Castro to enjoy alone or to share with high-level officials in the Communist Party.

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    Cohiba cigars were first created in Cuba after that countrys revolution and the Cuban version has never been legally sold in the United States due to the U.S embargo on Cuba. General Cigar registered the trademark in the U.S. in 1981 and has been selling a Dominican-made version of Cohiba since the 1980s.

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