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    Copenhagen uses topping, a time-tested ritual of ripping off the top flower of the tobacco plant to provide the leaves more stability, and to give the plant a richer shine. Using nothing but an axe, each plant is harvested by hand before its moved to the most important step in the processflavor and aging.

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    Copenhagen Tobacco Flavors: Long Cut Long Cut Whiskey Blend Long Cut Smooth Hickory Snuff Long Cut Black Long Cut Straight Long Cut Wintergreen Extra Long Cut Natural Pouches Wintergreen Pouches Long Cut Southern Blend

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    Official Website for Copenhagen Smokeless Tobacco. Website limited to eligible tobacco consumers 21 years of age or older.

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    Copenhagen Snuff. 5K views. . James Rocktite. , peeking from Smuggling School (1985) Answered 3 years ago. the most hardcore by far, mild is beachnutredman tastes sweet then skoal which will make you hiccup and headrush and to me is strong cause i dont chew much then cope and i do mean cope if you dont chew dont even try it, its so strong most people cant even take a dip even if you wanted including me and i chewed off and on for years, certainly cope is for the super hardcore

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    In September 2007, the "Cope" line was released with three flavors: Smooth Hickory, Straight, and Whiskey Blend. In 2009, U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Co. was acquired by Altria Group, and the acquisition led to the introduction of several new varieties.

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    If you like Copenhagen Long Cuts, then youre in luck because there are quite a few flavors you can choose from. Enjoy natural , smooth wintergreen , wintergreen, southern blend, straight and mint.

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    Copenhagen Mint Pouches Copenhagen Weymans Reserve Copenhagen Smooth Mint Grizzly. Grizzly Long Cut Natural Grizzly Fine Cut Natural Grizzly Extra Long Cut Natural Grizzly Snuff Grizzly Snuff Pouches Grizzly Long Cut Straight Grizzly Straight Pouches Grizzly Long Cut Mint Grizzly Mint Pouches Grizzly Fine Cut Wintergreen Grizzly Long Cut Wintergreen

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