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  • Large Cigar Shaped UFO Vanishes Into Cloud over Asheville

    In this clear footage we can see this object moving across the sky and an incredibly fast rate

  • Cigar Shaped UFO Filmed Darting From One Cloud to Another

    More Cloud Cigar Ufo images


    Cloud cigars figured in a number of UFO reports from the late 1940s (what may have been the first was reported in Toronto in November 1947) into the 1960s but, for some reason, few if any after that. Usually such objects were associated with smaller disc-shaped structures thus cloud cigars were also known as "motherships.",%20Manuals%20and%20...

  • Strange & Unexplained - Clouds SKYGAZE

    Some UFOlogist suggest a cigar-shaped UFO ("pillar of cloud", "by night in a pillar of fire, to give them light ") caused the parting of the red sea and undertook defensive measures against the pursuing Egyptian army.

  • UFO Shape - Cigar

    Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Sigmund Freud said that, but he left out a key corollary statement: sometimes that cigar is a UFO. The cigar shaped UFO is one of the most iconic and widely reported varieties of unidentified aerial phenomena. Its been a staple of UFO lore since the beginning.

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  • Multiple Reports of White Cigar Shaped UFOs Over Texas

    This is treding on Reddit, cigar shaped UFO filmed by a commercial pilot on 23 March 2021, at an unknown location and time.

  • Cigar Shaped UFO - March 23, 2021 Captured by commercial

    This description of pillars of cloud and fire is very close to the cigar-shaped description of a UFO. In fact I much prefer the Biblical description of a pillar to the far less evocative one of a cigar! In the 20th century we have become more mundane in our descriptive terminology.

  • UFOs In The Bible: References By Book, Chapter & Verse

    A cigar-shaped Venusian interplanetary carrier photographed through a 6" telescope over Palomar Gardens, California taken by Adamski. Mary Evans Picture LibraryEverett Adamski chronicled his

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