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  • Strange & Unexplained - Clouds SKYGAZE

    See more videos for Cloud Cigar Ufo

  • Cigar-Shaped UFO Appears During an NBC News Report on Navajo

    Lt. Krasneys son, Keith Krasney, says his late father didnt fit the stereotypical profile of a UFO theorizer. In fact, he never even suggested that the glowing wingless cigar-like object that

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  • Mysterious UFOs Seen by WWII Airman Still Unexplained - HISTORY

    More Cloud Cigar Ufo images

  • Mystery as 'cigar-shaped' object spotted flying behind NBC

    The cigar-shaped UFO seems more to resemble a pressure tank shape but with a little indentation on top on the left side. Based on the nature and the size of this craft it could be an alien mothership passing by.

  • Cigar-shaped UFO and airplane in Sun halo My UFO Photos

    The July 1968 manifestation, at least, seemed to fit into a recognized UFO class, that of the so-called cloud cigar, widely assumed to be a conglomerate of smaller discs, alternate names being carrier craft or mother ship. But the 1962 and 1973 sightings cannot so easily be categorized.

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  • More About The Santa Catalina Channel "Cloud Cigars"

    This description of pillars of cloud and fire is very close to the cigar-shaped description of a UFO. In fact I much prefer the Biblical description of a pillar to the far less evocative one of a cigar! In the 20th century we have become more mundane in our descriptive terminology.

  • UFOs In The Bible: References By Book, Chapter & Verse

    So the Hebrew and Greek and Latin word for cloud is really ufo, amazing I am no authority but projecting cigar ufos onto the bible, kidding me arent you? Oh, you are not Go read Isaiah 60, the whole chapter, its about ships on sail, their sails are riding like clouds returning people to Israel?

  • Is the Pillar of Cloud in the Bible the same as cigar shaped

    Lenticular clouds have been said to be mistaken for UFOs as many of these clouds have the shape of a "flying saucer", with a characteristic "lens"or smooth, "saucer-like" shape. Because lenticular clouds generally do not form over low-lying or flat terrain, many people may have never seen one before and don't know that they can exist.

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