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  • Glass Cigar Tubes - Phoenix Glass

    We have the capability of manufacturing all sizes with ring gauge sizes of 28 to 60 and lengths from 3. Glass tubes are available in stock to fit many cigar sizes, including: Robusto, Corona, Toro, and Churchill. Decorating services are available on all items. For more information, please contact Frank Rohrman: 856-692-0100 ext 5602.

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    The answer is yes. The best way to store them is to remove the tubes and place your stogies in the humidor however, if you are keeping your cigars inside the tubes, consider cutting the cap off. Glass tubes will keep your stogies fresher longer because aluminum tubes arent perfectly air tight. If you are on the road often, like to light up on the golf course or enjoy a smoke with friends, why take a whole bulky box?

  • Should cigars in glass tubos be removed before being placed

    Reading Time: < 1 minute. A: Yes, cigars in glass tubos will respond to the conditions in the box and remain fresh just as they would in cellos. However, there are many cigar smokers who either remove the cigars from the tubes entirely or leave them in with only the caps removed. The latter is a good option if you find that your tubos seem a little dry, as it will permit moist air to flow into the tube.

  • 5 Things You Need to Know About Cigar Tubes

    Cigars Have Been Put in Tubes for Over 125 Years L ets start in the beginning it was the late 1800s, just about the Golden Age of cigars, when some cigar makers put their finest smokes in visually appealing glass tubes before packaging them in the box or tin.

  • Macanudo Crystal Tube Cafe - Mike's Cigars: Shop Premium

    The Macanudo Cafe Crystal is a beautiful cigar. Packed in glass tubes ensuring proper storage this robusto sized cigar offers a slightly fuller, yet still mild bodied smoke. Floral notes along with hints of citrus and cedar round out a great cigar.

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  • Cigars in a Tube - Unpack, Unscrew, Take Them Out, or Leave

    Almost no fresh air penetrates to a cigar in a tube, so the aromas do not develop as quickly and the cigar keeps its nose, in other words its fragrance, for longer. So, for example, if you buy a very strong cigar and leave it in the tube, it will take longer to mature.

  • Macanudo Crystal - JR Cigars

    When you take a legendary mellow strength cigar, roll it in a popular Robusto size, then place it in a presentation quality glass tube, you have the Macanudo Crystal. Enjoy the number one selling premium cigar brand in the United States today! It is available in boxes of 8.

  • Glass tube CIGAR Forum

    Given a box of cigars as a gift, cigars are all sealed in glass tube. Have some tin tubes in wineadore I unscrew caps.

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