cigarette tar and nicotine chart

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  • Tar and Nicotine content of every cigarette by Brand and

    3 mg. "tar," .2 mg. nicotine avg. per cigarette as authorized by FTC. 2. For Barclay 100's: 5 mg."tar," .4 mg. nicotine avg. per cigarette as authorized by FTC. Brown & Williamson also agreed to provide the Commission with data regarding "tar" and nicotine ratings to be used in advertising for Kool Ultra and Kool Ultra 100's.

  • Nicotine Level In Cigarettes - 042021

    Medium-tar (light) cigarettes had 6 to 15 mg, and low-tar (extra-light or ultra-light) cigarettes contained 1 to 6 mg of tar. The average amount of tar in cigarettes was lowered from 38 mg (and 2.7 mg nicotine) in 1954 to 12 mg of tar and 0.95 mg of nicotine. It remains at that level today. A Word From Verywell.

  • Government Laboratory - Tar and Nicotine Report

    Brands with the same figure for tar and nicotine yields are listed in alphabetical order. International Standards methods employed for the determination are ISO 3308:2012, ISO 4387:2019, ISO10362-1:2019, ISO 8243:2013, and ISO 10315:2013.

  • Nicotine, Tar, and CO Content of Regular Cigarette Brands in 2007

    In using the above table, be careful to note the precise brand and packaging as the content can vary widely in similar varieties. For example, the tables for regular (non-menthol) cigarettes indicates that Carlton 120s have about five times the tar and nicotine content of 85s (Kings) and 100s. Also, note that the two brands with the lowest nicotine content (with the brand name QUEST) have relatively high tar and CO content.

  • Low-Yield Cigarettes CDC

    Many smokers may have switched to low-yield brands instead of quitting. 1,5,6. Tar and nicotine levels decreased from 1954 to 1993. Tar decreased from 38 mg in 1954 to 12 mg in 1993 nicotine decreased from 2.7 mg to 0.95 mg. Tar and nicotine levels have remained stable since 1993. 4.


    A series of articles that will help you stop smoking today. Saturday, January 5, 2013. TAR AND NICOTINE LEVELS BY CIGARETTE BRAND

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  • Tar Cigarettes: Content of tar and nicotine

    Here the content of tar and nicotine. CIGARETTE BRAND TYPE TAR NICOTINE. CARTIER Vendome Filter 8 mg 0.8 mg. CARTIER Vendome Menthol Filter 8 mg 0.8 mg. COURTLEIGH 120 Slims Filter 14 mg 1.4 mg. COURTLEIGH Filter 14 mg 1.3 mg. DUNHILL International Filter 15 mg 1.4 mg. DUNHILL Menthol Mild Filter

  • 12.3 Labelling of 'tar', nicotine and - Tobacco in Australia

    On-pack labelling of tar and nicotine yields commenced in Australia in 1982 and carbon monoxide yields were included from 1989 onwards. 1 The practice of labelling tar, nicotine and carbon monoxide 'average smoke contents' on all Australian cigarette packs ceased in March 2006, following a process of reviewing the evidence, where the Commonwealth determined that the practice of was misleading

  • Federal Trade Commission

    3 mg. "tar," .2 mg. nicotine avg. per cigarette as authorized by FTC. 2. For Barclay 100's: 5 mg. "tar," .4 mg. nicotine avg. per cigarette as authorized by FTC. 10 The Commission's 1980 announcement, 45 Fed. Reg. 46,483 (1980), adopted a new testing methodology to determine cigarettes' carbon monoxide (CO) yields, and modified the

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