cigarette smoke detector

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  • Cigarette Smoke Detector - STEALTH smoking enforcement with

    The cigarette smoke detector is triggered immediately as the smoker lights a cigarette in the washroom. The cigarette smoke detector can sound an alarm inside the bathroom, or alert you anywhere, anytime! Horn, strobe, pager, cell phone, email - it's your choice!

  • FreshAir Home - Detecting tobacco and marijuana

    Proven Sensor Technology Widely deployed in hotels, apartments, and other professionally managed properties, FreshAir's devices with patented PolySens technology detect and prove smoking in unauthorized areas Helping Hotels and Apartments Enforce No-Smoking Policies

  • Cigarette Smoke Detector: Products to stop smoking in

    Cigarette Smoke Detector: Products to stop smoking in bathrooms, hallways and other public areas. All detectors can be equipped with local alarm or integrated into a smoking enforcement system. Use the system selection guide or contact us directly for advice, pricing, or availability.

  • About Cigarette Smoke Detectors Hunker

    Cigarette smoke detectors sense things that are specific to cigarette smoke. They do not require a certain volume of smoke to go off. Cigarette smoke detectors compare clean air standards with those of the environment in which the detector is mounted.

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