cigarette prices in florida 2009

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  • Florida Cigarette Price Doubles in Three Months - Politics

    Between the recent federal tax increase in April and the state tax hike that went into effect earlier this July, cigarette prices have nearly doubled in just three months. At the start of 2009, I could pick up a carton of smokes for about $28 after tax and the current cost is closer to $48.


    Florida $1.339 31st 712009 805.9 $1,058.0 $6.21 $12.28 2.1% 14.8% 18th Georgia $0.37 50th 712003 476.4 $171.1 $5.30 $10.93 4.0% 16.3% 28th Hawaii $3.20 6th 712011 34.6 $110.8 $9.52 $13.09 5.3% 12.3% 5th

  • State Cigarette Minimum Price Laws --- United States, 2009

    Cigarette price increases reduce the demand for cigarettes and thereby reduce smoking prevalence, cigarette consumption, and youth initiation of smoking (1,2).Excise tax increases are the most effective government intervention to increase the price of cigarettes (1), but cigarette manufacturers use trade discounts, coupons, and other promotions to counteract the effects of these tax increases

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  • Cigarette Price Watch: May 2009

    May 9, 2009 - News. Serbia increases cigarette prices. BS from Florida about the "benefits" of increased taxes. E-Cigarettes spark debate. Local Price Updates. Cigarette Price Watch keeps track of the cigarette prices in the news as well as cigarette tax hikes. We also keep information on the cost of cigarettes in local areas.

  • Cigarette Price Watch: Cigarette Prices By State

    The rise of cigarette prices in 2009 is something to keep your eye on, else you'll be caught with buying cigarettes at a vastly increased cost. Not only do we keep track of cigarette prices in the United States, but we are also beginning to keep track of cigarette prices in Europe and cigarette prices in the rest of the world.

  • Price of a Pack of Cigarettes the Year You Were Born Page 2

    > Avg. price per pack: $0.23 > State and federal cigarette taxes: $0.11 > Inflation adjusted price: $1.47 > Annual consumption per capita: 2,322 cigarettes > Lung & bronchus cancer deaths: 19.8

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    In Florida, legislation was enacted in 2009 that cigarette SET to $1.339, a $1.00 per pack increase, and increased the MST, Roll your own and pipe tobacco SETs from 25% to 85% of the wholesale price. Taxes and Revenue Information

  • Cigarette Prices By State Fair Reporters

    The cost mentioned earlier of $12.50 is just an average of the states cigarette prices and some researchers have found prices all the way up to over $14 a pack. Some people speculate these high prices are to help dissuade people from purchasing cigarettes and to start on healthier habits.

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