cigarette alarm detector manual

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  • Smoke Alarm Users Guide

    Alarms in rooms with ceiling slopes greater than 1 foot in 8 feet (.3m in 2.4 m) horizontally shall be located on the high side of the room. NFPA 72 states: A row of detectors shall be spaced and located within 3 ft (0.9m) of the peak of the ceiling measured horizontally (see FIGURE 3).

  • System Smoke Detectors

    SYSTEM SENSOR 5 Photoelectric Smoke Detector Operation Smoke produced by a fire affects the intensity of a light beam passing through air. The smoke can block or obscure the beam.

  • Smoke Alarm Users Guide

    Kitchen alarm is desired, it should have an alarm silence feature or be a photoelectric type. Near fluorescent lights. Electronic noise may cause nuisance alarms. Smoke alarms are not to be used with detector guards unless the combination (alarm and guard) has been evaluated and found suitable for that purpose. 3.INSTALLATION

  • LISTED Smoke Alarm Users Guide

    Smoke alarms are designed to minimize false alarms. Cigarette smoke will not normally set off the alarm, unless the smoke is blown directly into the alarm. Combustion particles from cook-ing may set off the alarm if it is located too close to the cook-ing area. Large quantities of combustion particles are generat-ed from spills or when broiling.

  • Cobra Radar Detectors Owner's Manual - CARiD

    4.Attach the detector to the bracket. Check the angle of the unit. 5.To adjust the angle if necessary, gently push or pull on the bracket to bend it. DO NOT use the detector to bend the bracket. 6. Plug the power cord into the detector. 7.Plug the cigarette lighter adapter on the power cord into your vehicles cigarette lighter.

  • GasAlertQuattro User Manual - Honeywell Analytics

    Understand this user manual completely before operating or servicing. Do not use the detector if it is damaged. Inspect the detector before using. Look for cracks andor missing parts. If the detector is damaged or parts are missing, contact BW Technologies by Honeywell immediately.

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  • Cigarette Smoke Monitoring - Aretas Sensor Networks

    Cigarette smoking is an ongoing health crisis in the United States and Canada with almost 20% of adults in the US smoking. Secondary and now even Third-Hand 2 smoke are considered hazardous to human health. Additionally, cigarette smoking can incur costly cleanup bills for hotel, property owners and vehicle rental companies.


    MODEL: LIF707R. Lifesaver No Smoking Alarm is effective at detecting cigarette, cigar and pipe smoke. It is designed to detect presence of cigarette or cigar smoke. The No Smoking alarm operates on advanced photoelectric technology. It warns by emitting a buzzer and flashing red light on the unit.

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