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    Native to East Java, Indonesia, Besuki (or Bezuki) tobacco is revered in a class of its own in the premium cigar market. This mild yet flavorful cigar tobacco produces both wrapper and filler, and is used in many premium cigar blends. This plant matures in about 65 days.

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    Our Current Tobacco Seed Collection has over 20 of the most popular varieties we could find. We have access to other seeds, and will continue to expand this section over time, but this is a great start! Grow all of your favorites! Cigarette tobacco seeds, cigar tobacco seeds, fronto tobacco seeds, and more!

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  • Cigars 102: The Criollo Wrapper | JR Blending Room

    Going on that assumption, a Criollo seed grown in Bayonne, New Jersey, may be deemed less than desirable by most smokers. But I digress … When a wrapper, or occasionally a filler tobacco, is Nicaraguan, Mexican, or Honduran Criollo, it usually has nothing to do with the original Cuban Criollo plant—it is just native to that country.

  • Cuban Criollo 98 Tobacco - Sustainable Seed Co. - Sustainable

    Cuban Criollo 98 Tobacco. Cuban Criollo 98 is one of the most valued strains for Cuban cigars. It originated from a crossing between the varieties ' Havana 92' and `Habana P.R'. Cultivated in the sun it produces from 14 to 16 useful leaves per plant and makes an excellent binder. It reaches an average height of 6 feet.

  • The Tobacco Seed Company

    Little Dutch is an heirloom variety dating back to the 1880's. It is sweet aromatic tobacco used in pipe blends and as a cigar filler. It grow to around 3' in height and has narrow leaves growing up to 30" long. The long narrow leaves also make an excellent cigar wrapper. It matures in only 45 days and is a good choice for container growing.

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  • Cigar Tobacco Seed Collection - Sustainable Seed Company

    A premier cigar tobacco seed collection. Here is a collection of our three best selling cigar tobacco seed types. This collection comes with detailed planting instructions. Cuban Criollo 98 tobacco seeds, one of the most valued strains for Cuban cigars, Havana 608 tobacco seeds and Connecticut Broadleaf tobacco seeds.

  • The Tobacco Seed Company Sells.

    Do you want to grow and make your own cigarette, cigar or pipe tobacco ? We have a collection of over 60 of the world's finest varieties of tobacco seeds for you to grow at home. Growing your own tobacco isn't against the law, no matter which country you live. And let's be honest, the price of tobacco is never going to go down, is it?

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  • Tobacco Typology | Cigar Aficionado

    This exact combination can be found in blends such as his Casa Fernandez Miami Reserva line (the Toro size scored 92 points in the February 2012 Cigar Aficionado), which combines a Corojo wrapper with a blend that's a 50-50 combination of Corojo and Criollo tobacco. Rocky Patel has also taken an interest in the Cuban-seed Criollo '98 varietal.

  • Heirloom Seeds | Cigar Aficionado

    It made perfect sense—an heirloom tobacco for a heritage cigar. Yargüera H. Upmann was born, and with it, the marketing words “estate tobacco.” Other cigarmakers have been using heirloom seeds for decades.

  • Cuban Criollo 98 Tobacco Seeds Seeds in pack 50

    Cuban Criollo 98 Tobacco Seeds Price for Package of 50 seeds. Another very popular Cuban cigar variety. Will grow up to 6-7 ft. tall. It's leaves are longer, more slender and slightly darker than the Habano 2000.

  • Tobacconist University | Tobacco College | Seeds & Plants

    CRIOLLO While there are many Cigar Tobacco Varietals, the in-depth Curriculum on Growing, Nurturing, and Harvesting Cigar Tobaccos will focus on the two most famous seed varietals in the history of cigars: Corojo and Criollo. Their descendants are in most premium cigars made today.

  • Cuban Tobacco Seeds - Cigar Advisor - Famous Smoke

    Do the seeds used in cigars made outside of Cuba still come from Cuba? - James in Ephrata, PA. A. According to one of my top sources, the Cubans do not sell tobacco seeds; they are acquired by manufacturers “through friends.” If I may digress for a moment, there's a Cuban tobacco seed called Capero Uno, also referred to as Capero No.1.

  • Bahia Trinidad Pancho Criollo - Thompson Cigar

    This medium-bodied bundle brings notes of cinnamon, cedar, and sweet tobacco flavors to the table. Dressed in a Nicaraguan Criollo wrapper with 4 year aged Nicaraguan long-leaf tobaccos from Cuban seeds in Esteli and Condega, this is one premium getaway.

  • The Origins and Use of Corojo Tobacco - Stogie Fresh Cigar

    Criollo was originally grown for use as wrapper and filler, but would eventually be surpassed by Corojo as the wrapper of choice. Corojo tobacco was developed in the mid 1940s through selective breeding of Criollo tobacco. At that time, it was grown on the El Corojo farm in Cuba.

  • Bahia Trinidad No. 2 Criollo - Thompson Cigar

    A Nicaraguan Criollo wrapper covers a four year blend of Nicaraguan long leaf tobaccos grown from Cuban seeds in Esteli and Condega. Medium-bodied, Bahia Trinidad No. 2 pumps out notes of cedar, cinnamon, and sweet tobacco flavors.

  • Tobacco Seeds |

    growing your own with premium tobacco seeds from! Our line of tobacco seeds includes 15 of the most popular varieties we could lay hands on. We will expand this offering over time, for now grow all your favorites! You will find seeds for cigarette tobacco, cigar tobacco and fronto tobacco!

  • Strong Cigars: How do they make them so potent?

    Shade-grown, Corojo is a strain that was derived from Criollo - and wrapped just about every Cuban cigar until the 1990s. When you hear the old stories about Cuban cigar makers leaving the island with nothing but tobacco seeds in their pockets, it was Corojo and Criollo. Last: fermentation.

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