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    Cigar Tobacco seeds require a warm temperature to germinate. 75-80 degrees is ideal. Before planting outside, you should start the seeds indoors 4-6 weeks before your last frost date. Lightly sprinkle the seeds on the surface of a seed starting mix soil (one that is finely textured) and lightly water.

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    Pennsylvania Red. Pennsylvania Red is a rich full flavored tobacco and a long time favorite of cigar makers as a filler or binder. It grows to 5 feet in height and has very large long deep colored leaves reaching 3' in length. A very good producer that matures in 65-70 days. The leaves cure to a deep reddish brown.

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    Connecticut Broadleaf is mentioned in seed catalogs as early as 1884. Fine texture and longleaf. A fast maturing cigar wrapper tobacco. It grows to 4 feet in height with dark green leaves to 30" long and 16" wide. It matures in only 45-50 days. Option #2 The Seed and 8 Easy Grow Seed Starting Pellets: This option

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    Do you want to grow and make your own cigarette, cigar or pipe tobacco at home? We have a collection of over 60 of the world's finest varieties of tobacco seeds for you to grow at home. Growing your own tobacco isn't against the law, no matter which country you live. And let's be honest, the price of tobacco is never going to go down, is it?

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    At that stage, cigar tobacco grows at a furious pace. It takes about two months for a seedling to grow into a mature plant, depending on the type of plant. In weight, a tobacco seed grows by a factor of 20 million in only 90 days. Once harvested, it spends another 40 to 60 or so days in a curing barn.

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    Tobacco Seeds - Havana. This is a wonderful tobacco leaf for cigars, making a good filler and binder that imparts a deep, rich flavor to cigars. Leaves are darker, long and narrow, and offer a good high yield harvest. Our Current Tobacco Seed Collection has over 20 of the most popular varieties we could find.

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    Growing your own with premium tobacco seeds from Wholeaf! Our line of tobacco seeds includes 15 of the most popular varieties we could lay hands on. We will expand this offering over time, for now grow all your favorites! You will find seeds for cigarette tobacco, cigar tobacco and fronto tobacco!

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    You will get pure, 100% Cuban cigar tobacco. The tobacco from these plants has a strong cigar taste. One plant can provide around 160 grams of tobacco. Use it for cigars as filler and wrapper. This Cuban tobacco can also be used to blend a stronger cigarette or pipe tobacco.

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    Hes the director of tobacco procurement for General Cigar and instrumental in its seed regeneration program. Gocaj stands in a chilly, refrigerated room along with Jhonys Diaz, Generals vice president of operations in the Dominican Republic, and Francisco Don Quico Hernandez, general manager of tobacco growing and long filler processing.

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    A. According to one of my top sources, the Cubans do not sell tobacco seeds they are acquired by manufacturers through friends. If I may digress for a moment, theres a Cuban tobacco seed called Capero Uno, also referred to as Capero No.1. The Tobacconist University glossary defines it as a newer Cuban hybrid dark tobacco varietal which started to be grown widely around 2007.

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