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  • Most Common Cigar Flavors & Tasting Notes Holt's Cigar Company

    Most Popular Cigar Tasting Notes & Flavors Natural Notes: Earth & Leather. Earth and leather are the primary natural tasting notes cigars possess. To some cigar Nutty Notes: Almonds, Cashews, & Chestnuts. A wide variety of nuts can be found in cigar descriptions. The most common Coffee Notes:

  • How to Taste a Cigar & Identify Flavor Holt's Cigar Company

    We use a lot of culinary terminology to describe the tasting notes of a cigar. Youll find the following terms in many cigar descriptions: chocolate, dark chocolate, cocoa, coffee beans, espresso, almonds, cashews, toast, black pepper, cayenne, cinnamon, molasses, maple, mesquite, nougat, figs, earth, leather, and more.

  • Tasting Notes Sheet - The Cigar Authority

    Tasting Notes Sheet. Thank you for being a loyal view of The Cigar Authority! We look forward to tasting along with you and enhancing your palate as you discover a wider variety of flavors and expand your ability to taste subtle nuances in the tobacco. Simply click the image below to download your own copy of our Tasting Notes Sheet.

  • Cigar Tasting Notes

    Welcome to Cigar Tasting Notes. Welcome! Have you ever wanted to learn more about a cigar without making an investment in one? If so this site can help.

  • Tasting Notes - Promo Cigar

    Tasting Note by Ralph, WA- USA. The cigar that I reviewed yesterday afternoon was a Trinidad Reyes. Trinidad as a brand was first introduced and available to the public in 1997. Before 1997, Trinidad cigars (the Fundadore was the only vitola produced) were used as official diplomatic gifts from the Cuban Government to foreign ambassadors, politicians, etc.

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  • How to Taste a Cigar Cigar World

    Tips for tasting a cigar - Taste it before you light it. Hold the cigar in your mouth before you fire it up. Youll be able to experience the flavor nuances of your cigar, indicating that its a good smoke. However, if you taste acidity or saltiness, this may mean that the cigar was made from less-than-stellar tobacco.

  • Develop Your Palate: Iconic Cigars for Classic Tasting Notes

    For instance, several flavors that cigar enthusiasts discuss are sensations or scents. Leather, earth, and cedar are some of the most prominent notes that exemplify this notion, as theyre mentioned frequently but very rarely tasted. When we talk about these tasting notes, were talking about the smell.

  • Cigar Flavor Wheel Famous Smoke

    You know that a cigar tastes like more than just burning tobacco the smoke can be characterized by notes of earth, nuts, cream and many more nuances. How to use our Cigar Flavor Wheel We didn't make up these spots on our cigar flavor wheel.

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