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  • Cigar Flavor Chart - Tobacconist University

    Spicy cigars may \ tingle my tongue or savory ones may feel "heavy" on my palate.\r\rFlavor is our perception of the taste and smell of a cigar. When I use descriptors like "bittersweet," "charred oak," or "barnyard," these are descriptions of either aroma or taste or both.\

  • Cigar Flavor Wheel Famous Smoke

    The cigar flavor wheel - it's how cigar lovers talk to each other. Are you wondering how to identify and taste the different flavors in your cigar? Or maybe you've been reading some cigar reviews, and want to know how the writer sensed certain tastes. With a flavor wheel, anyone can get into cigar tasting, regardless of your experience level.

  • Cigar 101: How to Taste a Cigar & Flavor Wheels (Infographics)

    These helpful charts outline several common flavor descriptors (cocoa, earth, cedar, pepper, etc.) as grouped by core flavor components ( nuts, herbs and spices, woody, mineral, etc.) These can come in handy while training your palate to recognize flavor components, and help you to identify more complex flavors as your palate develops. Below are two different Flavor Wheels that we sometimes use as reference when tasting and reviewing cigars.

  • Cigar Evaluation Sheet - Heartfelt Industries

    Initial taste of leather and slight creamy taste. Has some hints of chocolate. Burnt coffee pronounced at in last third. Good smoke. Mildmoderate at start and finishing moderate. Early morning cigar paired with coffee, definite relaxation. Burnt hay with slight coffee hints. Good clean burn with no overheating.

  • How to Taste a Cigar & Identify Flavor Holt's Cigar Company

    A cigar can be mild in strength, but full in flavor and vice versa. Because flavor plays such a prominent role in how cigars are described, lets first identify the most common tasting notes cigar lovers perceive. Flavor. We use a lot of culinary terminology to describe the tasting notes of a cigar.

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  • Cigar Size Chart - Cigar Wrapper Color Chart

    Cigar size chart is here. Compare cigar shapes, sizes, lengths and names of your favorite cigars. This handy chart lists size, ring gauge, length and shape. Find the perfect cigar. Our Factory direct cigars are made fresh daily including boutique cigars, easy online ordering, and fastest service make Bobalu Cigar Company the first choice for

  • Cigar Flavors Wheel : Main Cigar Flavor Components Cigar

    Most creamy cigars are mild and most are of the Connecticut Shade variety. Honey not sure where to put this, so it goes here. Described often in aged cigars. Leather one of my favorite cigar flavor components. Leather taste really shows up in the exhale and finish and is tasted mostly through the nose.


    Maduro These cigars are dark brown or black and grown in Connecticut, Mexico, Brazil, and Nicaragua. The Nestico Test Flight is a nutty and peppery-Final Blend is a rich-tasting, full-bodied example. Oscuro The Oscuro dropped in popularity for a long time but has experi-enced a resurgence lately.

  • Mild, Medium, or Bold: A Cigar Strength Guide The Manual

    The strength of a cigar is classified as mild, medium, or bold. This grouping has nothing to do with taste or flavor, but simply how much nicotine the cigar holds.

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