cigar room ventilation systems

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  • How to Get Your Cigar Room Ventilation System Right

    When youre choosing an ideal ventilation system for your cigar room, you want to ensure that it not only meets your needs but also fits within your budget. If youre working on a budget, then an air purifier would be the ultimate solution for your cigar room.

  • Cigar Room Ventilation: Tips & How To - Holt's Cigar Company

    A number of cigar lounges and bars you visit utilize air purifiers to clear the air in smoking areas. Rabbit Air produces a full suite of air purifiers beginning at a few hundred dollars. The Rabbit Air MinusA2 780AN has proven to work wonders in smoking environments with the companys Odor Remover Air Filter.

  • How to Ventilate A Cigar Room: Filtering & Cleaning Cigar Smoke

    One of the most common choices for ventilating a cigar den or smoking room is an air purifier. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, some can be discreetly fitted to the wall while others can be moved around on wheels. A good-quality air purifier is quiet yet powerful, which means that its ideal for a small cigar room.

  • Levels of Cigar Room Ventilation - Pure n Natural Systems, Inc.

    For the safest and most comfortable cigar room ventilation, a smoke eater with separate ventilation is optimal. Smoke eaters can be used in a a home or commercial setting, such as a cigar lounge where patrons and bar decor need protection. You can choose from models that use filters or remove smoke electronically, and even mount flush to the wall.

  • Cigar Room Ventilation Tips JR University JR Blending Room

    Exhaust fans are rated by something called CFM, which stands for cubic feet per minute. A typical room measuring 10 x 12 with eight-foot ceilings would require an exhaust fan rated at 200-300 CFM for one smoker or 900 CFM for four. If youre planning to use your cigar den to entertain your BOTF, plan ahead by buying a larger exhaust fan.

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  • Best Air Purifiers For Cigar Smoke: Top 10 Cigar Room Air Filters

    To put this into perspective, youll need at least 150 to 200 CFM for a single robusto cigar in a typical 120 ft (11 m) room. However, 200 CFM is ideal for efficient air circulation as well as an additional 150 CFM for every extra cigar smoked at the same time.

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