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  • Cigar Evaluation Sheet - Heartfelt Industries

    Early morning cigar paired with coffee, definite relaxation. Burnt hay with slight coffee hints. Good clean burn with no overheating. Good draw with just a slight resistance, just the way I like it. Creamy chocolate, burnt coffee last third. This cigar continues to be in my rotation of daily smokes. I keep a supply on hand at all times.

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    Spicy cigars may \ tingle my tongue or savory ones may feel "heavy" on my palate.\r\rFlavor is our perception of the taste and smell of a cigar. When I use descriptors like "bittersweet," "charred oak," or "barnyard," these are descriptions of either aroma or taste or both.\

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    Alec Bradley Black Market bitter cao cherry bombs cigar Cigar Accessories cigar lighters cigar review cigar reviews cigar score sheet cigar scoresheet cinco vegas dry cigar full bodied cigar maker's choice cigars makers choice review master blend 3 Matt Booth Melanio My Uzi Weighs a Ton obsidian white noise oliva cigars oliva master blen cigar

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    A cigar in this category or above is worthy of cigar of the year consideration. The Oasis An elite cigar that is one of historic proportions regardless of price and difficulty to obtain. This Value Scale is the third generation of this type of rating. You may notice reviews with ratings such as follows. These ratings are no longer used.

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  • Cigar Rating Spreadsheet : cigars - reddit

    There are 3 total sheets, one with ratings, one with the descriptions, and another with pictures of flavor wheels to help pick out flavors. It's not exactly how Cigar Afficianado rates them. I value flavor more, so I took 5 pts from "Smoking Characteristics" and moved it to flavor.

  • Ratings & Reviews Cigar Aficionado

    Browse the largest collection of cigar ratings and reviews as well as the latest coverage on cigars, Cuba, gambling, golf, beer, spirits, and more. Ratings & Reviews Cigar Aficionado Get 1 Year of Cigar Aficionado for Just $10 + A Free Gift!


    Avors are coming from. Most cigars have three separate parts: wrappers, llers and binders. Very small cigars will forego the binder altogether, but they are the exception to the rule. Wrappers The wrapper is the outermost part of the cigar and it is one of the rst things you will notice.

  • Cigar Reviews and Ratings Cigar Inspector

    If you are looking for detailed cigar reviews, Cigar Inspector is here. All the best cigars, Cuban and non-Cuban, are reviewed by aficionados from all over the world, check out our cigar ratings.

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