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  • Cigar Plume vs. Mold Cigar Photography

    Plume (or Bloom) is a happy place to be. Unlike patchy and fuzzy mold clusters, Plume will look like a dusty layer throughout the cigar. Initially formed as tiny crystals, Plume is a naturally occurring by-product of long-term cigar aging and rising of essential oils to the surface of the cigar. There is no negative impact on smoking as for as

  • Cigar Plume or Cigar Mold? Better Cigar - Cigar Guides and

    However, cigars with the highest oil content are going to be most likely to be covered in the precious plume. For a high oil content, look for cigars with shiny wrapper. Cigars with Maduro wrappers that are dark brown are most likely to be oily so pick one of those up for a good cigar plume candidate!

  • Cigar Mold and Cigar Plume JR University JR Blending Room

    Plume, also called bloom, appears as a white dust on the surface and may have a bit of a sparkle. This occurs when the oils within a cigar come to the surface and crystallize. Plume may also appear as a haze on the wrapper. Unlike mold, plume is always white or light gray and tends to cover the entire body.

  • Why is There Plume on My Cigar and What is it? - Gotham Cigars

    Plume, also referred to as Bloom, is a powdery white dust found on the surface of your cigar. Plume forms when a perfectly-aged cigar exudes oils from the filler, binder, and wrapper. These oils crystalize on the wrapper creating a hazy light ashy powder. Plume can take months or even years to form.

  • Cigar Mold vs Plume: How To Know Which is Which - CigarScore

    Cigar plume is usually white or gray in color. Plume is not three-dimensional and usually looks like a fine powder on the wrapper of your cigars. Where mold will grow in splotches or patches, plume will often cover most of the outside in its fine, crystallized dust. Unlike mold, cigar plume almost never forms at the foot of your cigars.

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  • Is It Plume, Bloom, Or Mold on My Cigar? - Cigar Habitat

    Image: Friends of Habanos. For years, we've been led to believe that well-aged cigars develop "plume" or "bloom" with age, as the oils in the wrapper leaf seep out and crystallize on the surface. Turns out that's not true. Scientific testing seems to confirm what we've always suspected, but been hesitant to admit: there's no such thing as plume

  • PLUME CIGAR LOUNGE - 35 Photos & 35 Reviews - Tobacco Shops

    COVID update: Plume Cigar Lounge has updated their hours, takeout & delivery options. 35 reviews of Plume Cigar Lounge "Nothing like this in Orange County-a place to find a great selection of cigars and to smoke in a clean, welcoming environment.

  • Difference Between Cigar Plume & Cigar Mold Holt's Cigar

    Mold will grow, become musty, and render your cigars unsmokable, while plume is a gentle coating of a white, crystallized substance that often forms in tiny specs or dots. Plume is harmless, easily brushed off your cigars, and is a sign of good things to come.

  • Mold vs Plume CIGAR Forum

    The haze is uniform over the entire cigar: this next picture shows plume in its most common form. It is uniform and very light. It is almost unnoticeable. please please please, learn the difference between mold and plume before you post pictures and say how awesome your cigar is because its covered in awesome plume when your cigar looks like this:

  • Cigar Bloom, Plume, and Mold - Cigar FAQ - PuffingCigars

    Cigar bloom plume will not effect the cigar taste. The discussion, or the need for the bloom plume, is that the cigar must be resting for a good period of time under great conditions of temperature and humidity. Meaning aging has already played a role in the cigar you are about to smoke. Aging is a wonderful thing: Read this. Mold:

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