cigar mold vs plume wood paint

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  • Cigar Plume vs Mold: Whats The Difference? - CigarCigar

    How to recognize cigar mold. Cigar mold is green or blue in color. It's three-dimensional and comes up off of the surface of your cigars. Cigar mold also forms at or around the foot (the smoking end) of your cigars. Mold comes from the inside of your cigars and grows. Mold is a fungus and can cause an unpleasant, musty odor in your cigars.

  • Cigar Mold vs Plume: How To Know Which is Which CigarScore

    Indeed, both cigar plume (or bloom) and mold are identical. Some smokers and cigar authorities may claim that mold is blue or green, whereas plume is powdery and white in appearance. Furthermore, it is also sometimes suggested that plume is flat while mold is three-dimensional. Yet, there is no scientific evidence to support such claims.

  • What Is Cigar Plume? Cigar Mold Vs Plume

    Mold will grow, become musty, and render your cigars unsmokable, while plume is a gentle coating of a white, crystallized substance that often forms in tiny specs or dots. Plume is harmless, easily brushed off your cigars, and is a sign of good things to come.

  • Difference Between Cigar Plume & Cigar Mold Holt's Cigar

    In this video we grill 3-4 industry veterans about the difference between plume and mold. Is Plume Real?

  • Cigar Plume vs. Cigar Mold - YouTube

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