chewing tobacco cancer risk

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  • Health Risks of Smokeless Tobacco - American Cancer Society

    Cancers linked to the use of smokeless tobacco include: Mouth, tongue, cheek, and gum cancer Cancer in the esophagus (the swallowing tube that goes from your mouth to your stomach) Pancreatic cancer

  • Smokeless Tobacco and Cancer - National Cancer Institute

    Yes. There is no safe form of tobacco. At least 28 chemicals in smokeless tobacco have been found to cause cancer . The most harmful chemicals in smokeless tobacco are tobacco-specific nitrosamines, which are formed during the growing, curing, fermenting, and aging of tobacco. The level of tobacco-specific nitrosamines varies by product.

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  • Chewing Tobacco: Cancer Risk & How to Quit

    Like smoking, the use of smokeless tobacco is associated with a number of health risks, including cancer. Snuff and chewing tobacco contain at least 28 cancer -causing agents (carcinogens). The main carcinogens in smokeless tobacco are called tobacco-specific nitrosamines (TSNAs). Chewing tobacco and snuff contain nicotine, which causes addiction.

  • 13 Chewing Tobacco Cancer Statistics - HRF

    Your lungs are not the only thing at risk from smoking. Cigarette smoke and or chewing tobacco can raise the risk of mouth cancer, throat cancer and cancer of the lips. 4. In the US alone tobacco use is credited with causing roughly 480,000 premature deaths from some sort of PREVENTABLE cancer.

  • Chewing tobacco Mouth Cancer Foundation

    Chewing tobacco Tobacco and alcohol are the most important oral cavity and oropharyngeal cancer risk factors. Mouth cancer is largely a lifestyle disease, meaning that the majority of cases are related to tobacco and alcohol use. Approximately 90% of people with mouth cancer are tobacco users.

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  • Chewing Tobacco Health Effects (Cancer Facts, How to Quit)

    Those who use chewing tobacco have an increased risk of: developing gum diseases and gum recession (pulling away of the gum tissue from the teeth ) leukoplakia (whitish patches inside the mouth that can become cancerous) abrasion (wearing down) of teeth staining of teeth tooth decay and tooth

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