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  • Chewing tobacco | Mouth Cancer Foundation

    Smokeless tobacco is sometimes called "spit" or "spitting" tobacco because people spit out the tobacco juices and saliva that build up in the mouth.The most serious health effect of spit tobacco is an increased risk of cancer of the mouth and throat.

  • Areca nut betel nut, paan and gutka | Mouth Cancer Foundation

    In addition to the risk factors of smoking and chewing tobacco, oral cancer occurs more frequently among African Americans than among Caucasians and among people who chew areca nuts, betel nuts, paan and gutka (a common practice among some people in India and Asia).

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  • Smokeless Chewing Tobacco Life Insurance Non-Smoker Rates

    Smokeless Chewing Tobacco Life Insurance Non-Smoker Rates I chew tobacco. Do I have to pay smoker rates? Cancer Crohn's Disease

  • Mouth cancer - Causes - NHS

    The two leading causes of mouth cancer in the UK are tobacco and alcohol. chewing tobacco ; rates of mouth cancer are much higher in ethnic Indian, Pakistani

  • Tobacco Causes Cancer - Kerala Women

    There were twice as many deaths due to oral cancer (due to tobacco chewing) than lung cancer. Rates of breast cancer varied little with education,” the authors

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  • Hypopharyngeal cancer - Oncologica DNA cancer test, research

    Chewing tobacco can have the same effects as smoking and is also linked to hypopharyngeal cancer. The chewing tobacco is placed into the mouth, leaving it exposed to enzymes, like amylase, which partly digests the carcinogenic material.

  • Don't Dip: Quit Smokeless Tobacco Now! -

    Don't Dip: Quit Smokeless Tobacco Now! According to the American Cancer Society, chewing tobacco users are 50 times more likely than non-users to get cancers of

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  • Dietary risk factors for hypopharyngeal cancer in India

    Pharyngeal cancers are relatively rare, with 130,000 new cases diagnosed worldwide each year [].Due in part to the common use of chewing tobacco products, some of the highest rates of cancer of the hypopharynx occur in India.

  • Mouth, pharynx & larynx cancers | World Cancer Research Fund

    smoking, chewing tobacco and snuff Smoking (or the use of smokeless tobacco, sometimes called “chewing tobacco” or “snuff”) is a cause of MPL cancers. Chewing betel quid (nuts wrapped in a betel leaf coated with calcium hydroxide), with or without added tobacco, is also a risk factor for cancers of the mouth and pharynx.

  • The Christian and Tobacco -

    The use of tobacco, including cigars, pipes, and "smokeless" tobacco (snuff and chewing tobacco), is a significant factor in the development of oral cancer, and cancer of the pharynx, larynx, and esophagus.

  • Social inequalities, tobacco chewing, and cancer mortality in

    Objective The objective of this work was to describe the relationships between educational level, tobacco chewing, and cancer mortality in south India, among middle-aged adults who never smoked

  • About Pancreatic Cancer

    If you have been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer or worried about it, you likely have a lot of questions. Learning some basics is a good place to start. See the latest estimates for new cases of pancreatic cancer and deaths in the US and what research is currently being done. Key Statistics for

  • What is tobacco? - In The Know Zone

    All tobacco causes cancer; cigars and cigarettes most commonly cause lung cancer, but they can lead to a variety of other cancers, as well. Smokeless tobacco, on the other hand, mostly causes cancer of the mouth, throat, and stomach.

  • Two large prospective studies of mortality among men who use

    Background: Few prospective studies have examined the health risks associated with use of snuff and chewing tobacco. Methods: We studied the association between the use of spit tobacco (snuff or chewing tobacco) and mortality among men enrolled in Cancer Prevention Study I (CPS-I) in 1959 or Cancer

  • Tobacco History - In The Know Zone

    It produced several brands of chewing tobacco. Cigarette consumption and lung cancer rates continued to grow hand in hand from about that time. For example, in

  • Tobacco - Grants Dental Practice

    Chewing tobacco and snuff. of daily tobacco use is taken into consideration there is a strong relationship between smoking rates and the risk of mouth cancer. In

  • Prudential Life Insurance Company | Pruco Life Insurance

    Prudential Life Insurance Company | Pruco Life risk life insurance cases and life insurance for cigar or chewing tobacco Plus non-smoker rates. Other

  • Indian smokeless tobacco items more likely to cause cancer

    Woman chewing Pan tobacco. incidence rates for oral cancer vary in men from 1 to 10 cases per 100 000 population in many countries. In south-central Asia, cancer

  • Alternative Forms of Tobacco and E-Cigarettes: Harmful or

    Snus, a Swedish smokeless tobacco product, stands out as a potential harm reduction product (Figure 4). Sweden has one of the lowest rates (16% in 2002) of cigarette smoking with the lowest smoking-related deaths and lung cancer rates among men; these lower death and cancer rates are attributed to the popularity of snus among adult males. 13 Swedish snus has about 50% moisture content and can

  • Oral cancer rates rising rapidly in east London -

    Chewing paan, a mixture of tobacco and areca nut, is common within the Bangladeshi community, and is a habit which is known to cause oral cancer. Dr Anand Lalli and his team from the Centre for Clinical and Diagnostic Oral Sciences, toured areas of east London with a mobile dental unit, screening

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