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    Chesterfield is a brand of cigarette, currently owned and manufactured by Altria. It is named after Chesterfield County, Virginia. Displaying 1 to 5 (of 5 products)

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    They were the best cigarettes in the early 20th century and they are good even now. Many in the US have not heard about Chesterfield and those who have heard about them have not tried them. But Chesterfield cigarettes are still a famous brand in Europe. Chesterfield is affordable cigarette and is a product of very high quality.

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    Chesterfield Cigarettes. The Liggett & Myers Tobacco Company is known for Chesterfield, a cigarette brand that they manufactured from 1911 until 1998. The Drummond Tobacco Company of St. Louis, Missouri began making Chesterfield cigarettes in 1873.

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