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  • Celebrities Who Smoke Cigars List of Famous People Smoking

    75+ Celebrities Who Smoke Cigars. Rihanna. Photo: Metaweb CC-BY. Rihanna enjoys smoking cigars and even smoked with Shakira in the music video for "Can't Remember to Forget You." Ice Cube. Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Jennifer Lopez.

  • Famous Cigar Smokers - IMDb

    1. Ron Perlman Actor Hand of God Ron Perlman is a classically-trained actor who has appeared in countless stage plays, 2. Sylvester Stallone

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  • 20 female celebrities who smoke cigars Florida Tobacco Shop

    Elle Macpherson has been photographed smoking cigars as a model, but she also enjoys a good stogie in real life. Mia Farrow. Back in the day, Mia Farrow frequently smoked cigars. American actress, activist and former fashion model.

  • Celebrity Cigar Smokers - The Cigar Store

    Celebrity Cigar Smokers Cigar Articles We all remember the images of celebrities from back in the day who were avid cigar smokers, George Burns, Groucho Marks and even more recently Clint Eastwood and Jack Nicholson.

  • 80 Best Celebrity Cigar Smokers images good cigars

    Matthew McConaughey enjoying a cigar in his car #celeb. People Smoking Man Smoking Cigar Smoking Smoking Room Good Cigars Cigars And Whiskey Famous Cigars Smoking Celebrities Malbec. Matthew McConaughey enjoying a cigar in his car #celeb.

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  • 10 Cigar Smoking Celebrities JR Blending Room

    10 Cigar Smoking Celebrities Famous Cigar Smokers. When it comes to cigars and the cigar industry, we always associate sophistication, power, and Michael Jordan. You can find a multitude of photos of the 6-time NBA champion Michael Jordan enjoying a cigar. In the Clint Eastwood. Although Clint

  • Celebrities Who Smoke: 22 Stars Who Are Smokers - ELLE

    Known to smoke Marlboro Reds, she is often photographed on smoking breaks throughout her work day. 10 0. Katy Perry: Perry has been snapped smoking on multiple occasions, and reportedly used the habit to manage her stress while she was planning her wedding to Russell Brand back in 2010.

  • The Top 100 Cigar Smokers of the Twentieth Century Cigar

    Welles was a lover of the good life, especially fine cigars he intentionally wrote cigar-smoking characters, such as Touch of Evil's police captain Hank Quinlan, into his films. 30 HARRISON FORD The reluctantly hunky Hollywood heavyweight has been dubbed "Star of the Century" for his reign as the all-time top box office draw.

  • Hollywood Celebrities and their Favorite Cigars

    Selleck has been a known cigar man for a long time now. He is said to collect Cuban cigars that were manufactured before Fidel Castro came into power. The Davidoff Special T and La Gloria Cubana are said to be among his favorites.

  • 30 beautiful female celebrities you would never believe smoke

    30 beautiful female celebrities you would never believe smoke in real life

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