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  • Burley Tobacco Seed Varieties - New Hope Seed Company

    Kelly Burley Tobacco Seeds Kelly Burley or 'Kelley' as it was referred to in the past is an old 'stand up' (meaning the leafs grow upright and erect or semi erect) type burley tobacco. One of our most popular burley varieties.

  • Kelly Burley Tobacco Seeds from Victory Seeds

    The plants have medium sized leaves that grow on open, upright plants and tend to ripen uniformly. Kelly, also called Kelley, is a Burley-type tobacco that has been historically used as a plug tobacco, for cigarette and pipe blends, and even as a cigar filler tobacco. Our seed originates from the USDA Nicotiana Collection as accession number PI 552671.

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  • Burley Seed Varieties - Workman Tobacco

    Burley Seed Varieties KT 215 LC EXCLUSIVE A late maturing upright variety with exceptional resistance to black shank, both race 0 and race 1. KT 215 LC has a very high resistance to Fusarium wilt, black root rot and wildfire, but has no resistance to viruses.

  • Burley 21 Tobacco - Heirloom Vegetable Seeds - Sustainable

    Burley 21 Tobacco Seeds. 100 seeds in a package. Burley 21 is heirloom Burley variety that is a long time favorite of growers. It grows to 6-7 feet and is a reliable producer of large heavy leaf. It does well in a wide range of climates and matures in 65-70 days.

  • Burley 21 Tobacco Seeds from Victory Seeds

    'Burley 21' was developed from a complex series of crosses and back-crosses which included the species Nicotiana longiflora for its resistance to wildfire bacteria, and Nicotiana glutinosa for its resistance to tobacco mosaic of the local-lesion type. By the time that it was stabilized and released for planting in 1955, eight generations of selfing had been accomplished.

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  • Tobacco Seeds - Burley NEW! - Leaf Only

    A fine commercial strain that is used for its hardiness and smooth flavor. A must for cigarette making. This plant grows fast and is a high yield producer. It is recommended to leave 14 leaves on the plant while pruning. Our Current Tobacco Seed Collection has over 20 of the most popular varieties we could find.

  • Tobacco Seeds - Non-GMO & Heirloom - Growing Info - Bulk

    Burley 21 Tobacco Seeds It grows to 6-7 feet and is a reliable producer of large heavy leaf. It does well in a wide range of climates and matures in 65-70 days.

  • How to Grow Burley Tobacco Guide to Growing Burley Tobacco

    Since tobacco seed are very small (300,000 or more per ounce), they should be sown in a greenhouse or in a protected area. The soil should be free of weed seed and disease organisms. A flower pot would be a satisfactory container if only a few transplants will be needed. Sprinkle the seed on the soil surface, then firm the soil surface to insure good seed to soil contact. Irrigate with a very fine spray, or add water to a saucer under the flower pot.

  • The Tobacco Seed Company Sells.

    International & domestic purveyors of tobacco seeds since 1999, with over 50 of the finest tobacco seed varieties for you to grow your own tobacco at home.

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