burley tobacco grades by color

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  • Stripping Burley Tobacco into Grades

    Stripping Burley Tobacco into Grades By Gary Palmer Stripping burley tobacco into different grades has been a controversial topic for many years. The one-price years in the mid to late 80s provided no incentive to the producer to strip into the appropriate grades. However, with the advent of contracting in


    Burley tobacco leaves are 20-50cm long, the colour varying from light brown to very dark brown. When the middle leaves are ripe, the whole plant is harvested and then air dried. The aroma of Burley tobacco is dry and aromatic, rather like chocolate. Burley tobacco's stronger character is due to the low content of sugar in the leaves.

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  • How to Grow Burley Tobacco Guide to Growing Burley Tobacco

    Burley is a classic variety, usually named for the state in which they came. Burley tobacco varieties are commonly used in cigarrettes. Noted for its resistance to disease and strong yields, this variety continues to be among the most common cultivated today. At their peak, burleys can reach heights of 6' or more. Space plants 2 ' apart.

  • Glossary of Tobacco Terms - Victory Seed Company

    Generally speaking, Maryland-type tobaccos are have a neutral aroma and are low nicotine. Similar in leaf-type to Burley tobaccos, but usually darker green in color without the lighter colored, creamy mid-veins. Maryland tobacco varieties are harvested by cutting the stalks, hung in tobacco barns, and air-cured like Burley.

  • United States Department of Official Standard Grades for

    Orange color of which 20 percent or more of its surface is close or tight may be described as slick. (See Rule 17.) Smoked . Any tobacco affected by smoke or fumes in the curing process. (See Rule 23.) Sound . Free of damage. Special factor . A symbol or term authorized to be used with specified grades. Tobacco to which

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  • Tobacco Grading

    All tobacco must be weighed at the approved grading location where it is graded and on a State Certified scale. If tobacco is weighed prior to coming into the grading station it must be weighed again by the station on their certified scales. Currently the fee for this service is 4 cents a pound for grading. Payment is to be made by check only.

  • Peg Paints: Winter Work: Stripping Tobacco

    I've just finished these two paintings of workers on our farm preparing burley tobacco for market. The process is called "stripping" since the leaves are stripped from the stalk and sorted into grades.

  • Classification and Quality Evaluation of Tobacco Leaves Based

    A grading system based on image processing techniques was developed for automatically inspecting and grading flue-cured tobacco leaves. This system uses machine vision for the extraction and analysis of color, size, shape and surface texture.

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