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    Djarum Black, Gudang Garam, A Mild, L.A. Light & Sampoerna Clove Cigarettes no where near cigars found elsewhere. Djarum Black clove cigarettes for special price here!

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    Djarum blacks are a full-bodied full taste clove which can be smoked daily. Very satisfying after a good meal or with a glass of wine. And if you are still reading this you are probably thinking that cloves aren't really cigars and I don't qualify for the contest.

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    The Djarum Black is infused with clove, a flavor that youre either going to love or hate. But for the guys that love it, nothing will substitute. The best-selling clove cigar in the world, Djarums offer a premium quality at a price that cant be beat. If youve ever wanted to try a kretek, Djarum is the brand for you.

  • Djarum Black Cigars - Djarum Filtered Cigars are Clove Cigars

    Djarum Black Cigars - Djarum Filtered Cigars are Clove Cigars and available in Bali Hai, Black, Black Ruby, Black Emerald, Black Sapphire, Black Ivory, Djarum Select, Djarum Special, and Djarum Splash.

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    Djarum Black Clove Cigarettes Black box, with logo BLACK very distinctive. It is interesting to look at. Epic, it would be a good phrase to reflect this Djarum Black. If you decide to go to the party or attend some important meetings with clients, Djarum Black will be the best friends for you.

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    Djarum Cigars are proudly manufactured in Indonesia since 1951. Called 'kretek' by locals (referring to the crackling 'kretek kretek' sound they make when burning), their unique blend of tobacco and clove offers a satisfying, inimitable experience for the adventurous smoker.

  • Djarum Special Cigars Review Smoking Room

    Djarum Special Clove Cigars is a special product of Djarum, a cigarette with cigar taste and flavor. Djarum Special cigars created from the blend of finest tobacco leaves and aged selected cloves with a special sauce that given delicious taste and flavor. Djarum Special Clove Cigars also called as little cigars with a unique taste and aroma to give a satisfy and new experience of smoking.

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