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    A premier cigar tobacco seed collection. Here is a collection of our three best selling cigar tobacco seed types. This collection comes with detailed planting instructions. Cuban Criollo 98 tobacco seeds, one of the most valued strains for Cuban cigars, Havana 608 tobacco seeds and Connecticut Broadleaf tobacco seeds.

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    Little Dutch is an heirloom variety dating back to the 1880's. It is sweet aromatic tobacco used in pipe blends and as a cigar filler. It grow to around 3' in height and has narrow leaves growing up to 30" long. The long narrow leaves also make an excellent cigar wrapper. It matures in only 45 days and is a good choice for container growing.

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    Your seed company should be able to specify which varieties are best for cigars. Tobacco for cigars often undergoes a process called Cavendish where the leaves are stacked, steamed and allowed to ferment, bringing out the tobaccos natural rich sweet flavor. Cigars can use several types of tobacco in each cigar. Each cigar is composed of:

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    You will find seeds for cigarette tobacco, cigar tobacco and fronto tobacco! 25-50 Seeds Per Pack (sometimes more) 80% Germination Rate. Black Sea Samsun Turkish. A Turkish tobacco that is amongst the best that money can buy. First grown in Samsun, Turkey near the Black Sea, this tobacco is famous for its rich flavor. This plant yields

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    Grow Your Own Tobacco From Seed Tobacco seeds require a warm temperature to germinate. 75-80 degrees is ideal. Before planting outside, you should start the seeds indoors 4-6 weeks before your last frost date. Lightly sprinkle the seeds on the surface of a seed starting mix soil (one that is finely textured) and lightly water.

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    Cigar Tobacco Seed Collection. A premier cigar seed collection. Here is a collection of our three best selling cigar types. Co A premier cigar seed collection. Here is a collection of our three best selling cigar types. Comes with detailed planting instructions. Option #1 Cuban Criollo 98 is one of the most valued strains for Cuban cigars.

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    Enough is enough, I said. I decided to fight back by growing my own tobacco and rolling my own cigars. A quick Internet search, and I found a source for seeds of the best cigar tobacco plant in the world, Havana 688. A few more clicks of the mouse and I was buying every book Amazon had on growing tobacco.

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    Do you want to grow and make your own cigarette, cigar or pipe tobacco at home? We have a collection of over 60 of the world's finest varieties of tobacco seeds for you to grow at home. Growing your own tobacco isn't against the law, no matter which country you live. And let's be honest, the price of tobacco is never going to go down, is it?

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    Heirloom Tobacco Seeds - Rare, Open-Pollinated Seed Varieties from the Victory Seed Company. Cigar binder type tobacco used for cigar wrapper, binder and filler. Your Price: $2.95 The cookie settings on this website are set to 'allow all cookies' to give you the very best experience. Please click Accept Cookies to continue to use the site.

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