average price of cigarettes in new york city

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  • Price of 1 package of Marlboro cigarettes in New York City

    Average price in New York City: $14. Find out the current prices for a whole list of other products in New York City (United States).

  • Base price of cigarettes in NYC up to $13 a pack

    Base price of cigarettes in NYC up to $13 a pack. By Spectrum News NY1 New York City. PUBLISHED 11:24 PM ET Jun. 01, 2018 PUBLISHED June 1, 2018 11:24 PM. SHARE. New York City is once again home to the most expensive cigarettes in the nation. The Health Department announced the new base price for a pack of smokes has gone up from $10.50 to $13.

  • New York City Raises Base Price for Cigarettes to $13 a

    According to the New York City Health Department, the base price for a pack of cigarettes ticked up to $13 on June 1. The price tag makes it the highest pack price in the United States. The increase was set in motion this past August when city officials passed Local Law 145,

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  • Minimum Price List for Cigarettes - New York State

    Minimum Price List for Cigarettes (Sold by the carton, 20 cigarettes per pack10 packs per carton) This publication is intended to assist you in determining the New York State minimum wholesale and retail cigarette selling prices. Under Article 20-A (Cigarette Marketing Standards Act) of New York State Tax agents basic cost of the

  • Cigarette Prices By State Fair Reporters

    Cigarettes have an average cost of $5.51 with the price in most states being between six and eight dollars. This number is taken from the combined prices of all of the states but the actual numbers varying greatly with the most expensive cigarettes costing on average $12.85 (New York).

  • New York To Raise Cigarette Taxes, Prices Could Reach $25

    Currently, the average price of cigarettes nationwide is about $8, so New Yorks new tax will essentially triple the cost of a normal pack. Prices in New York City tend to trend slightly higher already, at anywhere from $12-$14 for a pack of many major brands. What else can I do, really, except pay it? said smoker Chris Moke.

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  • What is the price for a carton of cigarettes in New York

    A pack of cigarettes in New York City goes for as high as $16 per pack, which is the highest pack price in the US. Chicago is the only other US city with a double-digit pack price. A pack is $11

  • Cigarette smokers must shell out at - New York Daily News

    The minimum price for a pack of cigarettes will increase from $10.50 to $13. Though many retailers in the city already charge that much or more, the average price of a pack in New York City is $11.23, according to the Health Department, meaning plenty of people will be paying more.

  • The Price Of Cigarettes: How Much Does A Pack Cost In Each

    Not only does New York State impose a tax of $4.35 on a pack of 20, the highest of any U.S. state, but when you add the local New York City tax of $1.60, you have the most expensive pack of smokes in the whole country. According to The Awls annual cigarette price check,

  • What a Pack of Cigarettes Costs, in Every State - The Awl

    As always, we called a random gas station or convenience store in each states most populous city and asked the price on a pack of Marlboro Reds, tax included. Mississippi has the cheapest cigarettes, North and South Carolina are tied at $6 (cute!), and New York remains now and forever the most expensive.

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