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  • Are e-cigarettes safe? The shocking truth!

    No, e-cigarettes are not safe or healthy. At least, not in absolute terms. Scientists estimate that they carry around 1-2% of the risk of smoking, which is about the same health risk you get from drinking a cup of coffee. They are, however, an awful lot safer for you than regular cigarettes. So whats the shocking truth?

  • Are Electronic Cigarettes A Safe Alternative For Smokers?

    Electronic cigarettes have recently been marketed and promoted as a safe alternative to traditional tobacco smoking, but based on recent research, this popular and growing trend could be just as

  • Electronic cigarettes: Not a safe way to light up - Mayo Clinic

    E-cigarettes containing nicotine aren't considered safe for adolescents, young adults or pregnant women. Nicotine can harm brain development in children and young adults into their early 20s and is toxic to developing fetuses.

  • Are E-Cigarettes Safe? Here's What the Experts Say Time

    By delivering nicotine without tar and other nasty by-products of combustion, e-cigarettes purportedly give smokers a healthier alternative to cigarettes while still satisfying cravings. It seems

  • About Electronic Cigarettes (E-Cigarettes) Smoking

    Yesbut that doesnt mean e-cigarettes are safe. E-cigarette aerosol generally contains fewer toxic chemicals than the deadly mix of 7,000 chemicals in smoke from regular cigarettes. 3 However, e-cigarette aerosol is not harmless.

  • Are electronic cigarettes safe?

    Dr. Nick Hopkinson, an honorary medical advisor to the British Lung Foundation, suggests that as e-cigarettes are certainly far less harmful than normal cigarettes, completely replacing tobacco

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  • Electronic Cigarettes (E-cigarettes)

    E-cigarettes are not safe for youth, young adults, and pregnant women, as well as adults who do not currently use tobacco products. While e-cigarettes have the potential to benefit some people and harm others, scientists still have a lot to learn about whether e-cigarettes are effective for quitting smoking.

  • What Are Electronic Cigarettes And How Safe Are They?

    E-cigarettes are touted by manufacturers and proponents as a safe alternative to traditional combustible cigarettes, but many physicians disagree. And, while companies say they dont promote the

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