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    American Cigars American cigars represent a much smaller segment of the premium handcrafted cigar market, despite the huge number of cigars that are consumed in the U.S. Mass-market, machine-made brands are more commonly manufactured in the U.S. where production is carried out by automated machinery as opposed to skilled artisans.

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    The most well-known brands are made by machine. Cigars like Swisher Sweets, Backwoods, and Black & Mild. But theres also a good chunk of handmades rolled right in Miami. People like George Rico (Gran Habano), Don Pepin, and Ernesto Padilla, carefully create small-batch handmades right on American soil.

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    American Cigars For many years, both the shade fields of Connecticut and the Tampa area were the homes of American cigars. That hasn't changed much but the good ol' U.S. of A. has become a much deeper resource for the best tobacco for new flavors and new blends from premium cigar makers like Torao, Rocky Patel, Padilla, as well as home to 100% machine-made gems from Phillies, Backwoods and Avanti.

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    Made in the USA: 5 Great American Cigars Don Pepin Garcia Original (Don Pepin Blue) La Palina Mr. Sam Barracuda STK Miami by George Rico Padilla Miami Maduro Tatuaje Miami

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    La Palina Mr. Sam La Palina is a favorite brand of cigar aficionados who prefer American made cigars. La Palina cigars were founded in 1896 by Sam Paley who was affectionately called Mr. Sam by his workers. The Mr. Sam collection is rolled at the El Titan de Bronze factory, which is located in Miami, Florida. The cigar uses a Nicaraguan binder and filler surrounded by a dark Ecuadorian wrapper to create a beautifully crafted blend rich in flavors.

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  • 50 Factories In The U.S. That Still Make Cigars Cigar

    As you might expect, the largest concentration of cigar factories today is in Florida, namely Tampa and Miamiareas where Cuban cigar rollers have been expatriating since Castros Revolution. While 50 U.S. cigar factories is a far cry from 42,000, small operations like these still play a valuable part in keeping cigar culture alive.

  • Top Cigar Humidor Brands in the United States - Part 1

    In the following piece we take a look at four of the top cigar humidor brands in the United States. US Humidors There are many fine American made humidors, sure to fit anyones budget. From authentic Amish craftsmanship to ecologically-minded companies, there are humidors that fit your style-and lifestyle.

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    American Made These great smoking cigars are perfect for those times when you just have a few minutes and want a great tasting smoke. Made with premium quality tobaccos, they smoke smooth and flavorful.

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    American Cigars Search Brand La Gloria Cubana (1) CLE (1) Casa Fernandez (4) La Palina (4) Tatuaje Cigars (2) Backwoods (1) Swisher Sweets (2) Search Profile Mellow (12) Mellow-Medium (5) Medium (6) Medium-Full (10) Full (2)

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