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  • NYC raise cigarette purchase age -- to 21 | Daily Mail Online

    New York has become the largest city in the U.S. to raise the legal age to buy cigarettes from 18 to 21. The latest in series of public health initiatives during the Bloomberg administration, a

  • Legal age for buying cigarettes rises to 18 as ban improves

    A new law making it illegal for under-18s to buy tobacco comes into force today. The legal age for buying tobacco rises from 16 to 18, bringing it into line with alcohol. Health campaigners

  • Laws - Westchester County

    Westchester and NY State laws regarding smoking in worksites: Chapter 534, Westchester's Smoke-Free Worksite Law , went into effect in 2003 and was amended in 2015 to include electronic cigarettes. This law prohibits smoking at all worksites, including restaurants, taverns and bars, in Westchester County with one or more employees.

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  • Simon's Guide to Buying Cheap Duty Free Cigarettes Online

    Hey Simon,the legal age to buy cigarettes in my state is 19 but I fall a year short. If a site allows 18 year olds to buy cigarettes, can I legally purchase from them? I've found minimal information on this and a mixed bag of answers.

  • New York City to ban tobacco sales to anyone under age 21

    Kids will still be able to steal cigarettes from their parents, bum them from friends or buy them from the black-market dealers who are common in many neighborhoods.

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  • Rules about tobacco, e-cigarettes and smoking: 1 October 2015

    1. Changes to the law. On 1 October 2015 it became illegal: for retailers to sell electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) or e-liquids to someone under 18

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  • E-cigarettes to be stubbed out for under-18s - BBC News

    The new rules on adults buying cigarettes for under-18s could be in force by the autumn and may mean anyone caught buying cigarettes for a child could be given a £50 fixed penalty notice or a

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  • City Council Votes to Raise Cigarette Purchase Age to 21

    The City Council has passed a bill to bar anyone under the age of 21 from buying cigarettes and e-cigarettes in New York City. Under federal law, no one under 18 can buy tobacco anywhere in the

  • Suffolk County to raise minimum age for buying tobacco

    Suffolk County legislators signed the 'Tobacco 21' resolution into law Monday, raising the legal age to buy tobacco products up to 21. The new age restriction applies to cigarettes, cigars

  • Smoking | Childline

    Electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigarettes or e-cigs, are not real cigarettes. But they're now illegal to buy if you're under 18. E-cigarettes are usually made of plastic and metal and often contain a liquid. e-cigarettes are mostly used by people who are trying to quit smoking.

  • BBC NEWS | UK | Higher tobacco age limit in force

    Higher tobacco age limit in force The move is designed to cut teenage smoking rates The legal minimum age at which tobacco can be bought in England, Scotland and Wales has gone up from 16 to 18.

  • What are the new cigarette and smoking laws? From plain

    Smokers are no longer be able to buy smaller packs of cigarettes and rolling tobacco Ten-packs of fags and smaller bags of roll-your-own tobacco will be banned - while menthol cigarettes will be

  • Vaping in New York Will Be Largely Snuffed Out by E

    U.S. Vaping Hookah bars New York City E-cigarettes. New York is starting to pull the plug on e-cigarettes. The new law also raises the minimum age to buy hookah to 21 from 18.

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    Buy Cigarettes Indian Reservation According to law, Native Americans are exempt from paying taxes like we do on items that they buy from stores. Because of this Native Americans can sell any product with out taxes associated to them, and because of this many of us rush to buy cigarettes indian reservation.

  • Q346: Ages - when are you old enough?

    5 years old. must attend school or home education can see a film certified by the British Board of Film Classification as a U or PG, at a cinema, accompanied

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