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  • Aeros Smokeless

    Aeros reduces the amount of chemicals inhaled versus a standard cigarette or E-cig. There is only one Aeros (Patented) nothing else like it anywhere. Each Aeros disposable tube is packed with so much flavor it can last as long as six packs of ordinary cigarettes even longer if small puffs are taken as recommended.

  • Aeros Smokeless Cigarettes - Is This The Long Awaited Safe

    Newport Beach, CA (PRWEB)August 9, 2006. The Aeros Smokeless Cigarette has been available for sale for about a year by direct purchase from the Woodleaf Corp. (http:www.aerosinfo). Very few people know about this web site as lawmakers have restricted most methods of advertising tobacco products.

  • Aeros Smokeless Cigarette Offered at aerosinfo

    The new technology Aeros Smokeless Cigarette can now be purchased at http:www.aerosinfo. The manufacturer, Woodleaf Corp. of Newport Beach, California, reports that orders are coming in from all over the world. The company president, Richard Horian, stated "I am particularly gratified that such a large percentage of the people that ordered have already re-ordered the product.

  • New smokeless cigarette delivers full smoking satisfaction

    The developer of the Aeros Smokeless Cigarette is Woodleaf Corporation of Newport Beach, California. The product is available only through the company's website. A company spokesperson stated "It

  • Aeros SmokelessHeatless Cigarette Continues Growth

    Newport Beach, CA (PRWEB)June 26, 2006. The new technology Aeros SmokelessHeatless Cigarette is continuing to grow in popularity reports the manufacturer, Woodleaf Corporation of Newport Beach, California. The company president, Richard Horian, reports that sales increase each month solely by word of mouth from people that order the product through the web site at http:www.aerosinfo.

  • Aeros Smokeless Cigarette Test Report Now at aerosinfo

    The tobacco in the Aeros Smokeless Cigarette never touches the body and delivers no smoke or tar. Aeros delivers .050 mg of tobacco extract vapor to the user. The vapor is composed of natural tobacco flavors and nicotine. The FTC method test report shows no tar or other particulate matter in the Aeros deliverables. Others have inquired how the Aeros Smokeless Cigarette lasts so long. Woodleaf reports Aeros is a good value because one pack can last longer than a whole carton of ignitable

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    Ignited tobacco delivers harmful smoke. Tobacco that contacts skin (chew, snuff) causes ulcerations to delicate tissue. The patented Aeros technology produces no smoke and tobacco leaf never touches the skin. The company is not making health claims for the Aeros Smokeless Cigarette and recommends people consult their physicians on health matters or stop smoking. programs. The manufacturer advises interested persons to copy the full Aeros test report from the company's Web site and present it

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    It contains organic green tobacco leaf and essen-tial oils, which are inhaled through the nose or mouth. Because it emits no smoke, it can be used nearly anywhere. Aeros is shaped like a cigarette and comes 20 to a pack, with one pack lasting as long as one to three cartons of cigarettes.

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