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  • Has anyone tried Aeros Smokeless Cigarettes E-Cigarette Forum

    I have used Aeros for about 2 years. Once you're used to them, they can be quite nice. I always drink something (coffee, beer, wine, water, whatever) when I smokevape, and I think that helps with the weird Aeros sensation. Since I started vaping, I only use Aeros in restaurants and stuff.

  • Aeros Smokeless

    5 GOOD REASONS TO USE Aeros Smokeless OVER ELECTRONIC CIGARETTES: 1. Aeros replicates the smoking experience. The same feel, draw and full taste satisfaction. 2. Aeros costs less than any electronic cigarette and lasts longer than all electronic cigarettes. 3. Aeros requires no batteries, electric chargers or cartridges ready to use right out of the box. 4. Aeros can be used anywhere, yes even on Airlines.

  • Aeros Smokeless Cigarettes - Is This The Long Awaited Safe

    The FTC Method test published at the company web site reports that Aeros delivers -0- TPM (total particulate matter), -0- tar. and -0- carbon monoxide in the inhaled air mainstream. The new Aeros Smokeless Cigarette uses a heatless technology to function like, taste and deliver the same satisfaction as an ignitable cigarette.

  • New smokeless cigarette delivers full smoking satisfaction

    No smoke, no tar, low nicotine and it still delivers all the taste, control and instant satisfaction of a full strength ignitable cigarette". The Aeros Smokeless Cigarette was developed due to the

  • "Aeros smokeless cigarettes really work - been quit 4.5 mos

    And one Aeros lasts me over a week. Sometimes I'll go 2 days before I realize I haven't even used an Aeros. It gets me through stressful periods. That's when I would mess up before. I've started a

  • Shop Aeros Smokeless

    Each Aeros disposable tube is packed with so much flavor it can last as long as six packs of ordinary cigarettes even longer if small puffs are taken as recommended. Save using Aeros. Smoking costs about five times as much as using Aeros. For orders: 1 to 5 packs $10.00 delivery charge, for orders more than 5 packs free shipping.

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  • Aeros SmokelessHeatless Cigarette Continues Growth

    About one out of five people that order Aeros quickly reorder the product. Those using Aeros only in places they cant smoke take a bit longer to reorder and about 7% are immediately able to entirely quit their use of cigarettes and use Aeros exclusively.

  • Review of the Similar Smokeless Cigarette - YouTube

    As sold onboard by Ryanair.I shan't be doing this again!

  • Smokeless Cigarette - video Dailymotion

    Quit Smoking Without Withdrawals. New science, not an E-Cigarette. Full smoking satisfaction with no heat, smoke or tar. Use Aeros in any "No Smoking" area without restriction. www.aeroinfo

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