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    All Brands Cigars Handmade Cigars Drew Estate Cigars ACID ACID A very popular item to have in stock for the modern smoker, ACID cigars have earned a huge a following with their secret infusion process of nearly 150 herbs, spices, botanicals, and essences that make the smoking experience unlike that of anything else on the market.

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    The Acid Blondie manufactured in Nicaragua is hand rolled like all other Acid cigars and has a splendid blend of essential oils, herbs, and botanicals. It is a mild and rich in aromas. The Acid 1 Black is a non-aromatic cigar and the only one of its kind in the Acid line.

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    Acid cigars are made of Nicaraguan filler and binder tobaccos in wrapper leaves including Cameroon, Candela, Connecticut, Maduro, Natural, and Sumatra. These aromatic cigars are infused with the finest herbs and botanical essences, making them unique from other flavored cigars.

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    ACID cigars, made by Drew Estates, are some of the most popular of the flavor infused cigars. Each unique type of ACID cigar will have its own strength, shape and even wrapper, providing a great variety for anyone to experience. The unique manufacturing process used for ACID cigars involves curing the tobacco in special aroma rooms for extended periods of time.

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    All Acid Cigars are handcrafted at the Drew Estate factory in Esteli, Nicaragua with the finest select tobacco and then infused with rich botanical oils, and spices. This combination provides a one-of-a-kind smoking experience like no other. Acid Cigars are widely recognized as an industry leader in the premium infused cigar market,

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    ACID cigars are a combination of premium, long-filler Nicaraguan tobaccos with these undisclosed exotic ingredients infused into the cigars, providing each blend with a distinctive flavor and aroma unlike anything you have ever experienced.

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    Unlike other flavored cigars, ACID brand cigars are all entirely handmade with premium tobaccos. Many flavored cigar companies use the scraps of other tobaccos to make their stogies. These overly sweet, quick-burning blends are not what a cigar enthusiast wants. ACID does the process right.

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    ACID cigars is a unique brand introduced in 1999 that offers an herbal, aromatic flavor in all of its shapes. Expressed in four distinctly different cigar lines, every cigar within the ACID family is a one-of-a-kind smoking experience. ACID cigars are handmade in Esteli, Nicaragua and some of the most popular lines include: ACID Red series,

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    ACID cigars are all-handcrafted at Drew Estate's Esteli, Nicaragua factory. The cigars are rolled with some of the world's most select tobaccos, and have developed an almost cult-like following among cigar lovers who like a little extra something to their smoke. That something extra is Drew Estate's secret infusion

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    #1 For a ReasonACID cigars always create excitement. But whether it's your cup of tea or not, you gotta hand it to Drew Estate - the ACID brand is in constant demand. No one can come close to the one-of-a-kind blends, aromas and shapes each ACID cigar provides. The tobaccos are cured in areas called cuarto aromaticos (aroma rooms) for months prior to rolling - these rooms are lined with over

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