1950s cigarette brands

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  • Vintage Tobacco Cigarette Ads of the 1950s (Page 2)

    Vintage Tobacco Cigarette Ads of the 1950s (Page 2) Tobacco Cigarette Ads of the 1950s L & M Cigarettes With Actor Frederic March C (1958) # via buy at eBay Ronson (1955) # via buy. Snow Skiing Skiers Pall Mall Cigarette (1955) # via buy at eBay. Pin up Girl Kentucky Club 9 Brands Tobacco (1956) # via buy at

  • What were the most popular cigarettes in the 1950s - Answers

    No. But in 1912 cigarettes sold for a nickel a pack. Yes. In the 1950s, when one pack sold for 23 cents, there were two pennies in the space between the cellophane wrapper and the paper pack. Most parents would let their kids keep the pennies if they ran to the store to buy smokes.

  • Brands of cigarettes available in mid 20th century UK

    Cigarette boxes, photographed in the window of a tobacconists shop in the Eastbourne Museum of Shops. All of these brands were available in the 1950s and possibly before: Craven A, Kensitas, Gold Flake, Senior Service, Woodbine, Weights, Players Navy Cut.

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  • Vintage Tobacco Cigarette Ads of the 1950s

    Vintage Tobacco Cigarette Ads of the 1950s. Tobacco Cigarette Ads of the 1950s. 1800 1870 1880 Pretty Woman In Red Hat Art Encore Cigarette (1953) # via buy at eBay. Encore Cigarettes Woman Hat Smoking (1953) # via buy at eBay. Gitanes Raymond Savignac Francia (1953)

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    List of american cigarette brands Throughout the planet, the way that pipe smoking is perceived varies greatly. I am a hypnotherapist specialising in helping clients to Stop Smoking and youd probably expect that I can be biased.

  • History's Dumpster: Forgotten Cigarette Brands

    Scotch Buy - Now here was an unusual brand made by RJ Reynolds for a corporate supermarket chain (Safeway and subsidiaries.) Safeway discontinued Scotch Buy and distanced itself as far as possible from the brand in the ྖs when cigarette manufacturers were being sued. Smart move. They tasted like crap anyway.

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    Woodbine was the most popular brand of cigarettes from the early 1900s to the 1950s so there a quite a few around. Best regards" Steven 09022014 "I have a complete packet of woodbine which containing 3 cigaretts is there any value please. thanks" Donald Arblaster 09032014

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    Besides Wills Gold Flake there are other brands that make goldflake cigarettes too, including Bacons Gold Flake, Hignetts Golden Flaked Honey Dew, Salmon and Gulcksteins Gold Flake.They come in a wide range of varieties and qualities Gold Flake Kings (84 mm), Gold Flake Kings Lights (84mm), Gold Flake and Gold Flake Lights.

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    If you've guts inhale it to the maximum you'll feel the maximum taste It'll surely made you go crazy, it refers to cigarettes made using 'bright rich golden tobacco'. Brands other than Wills Gold Flake are Bacons' Gold Flake, Hignett's Golden Flaked Honey Dew, Salmon and Gulckstein's Gold Flake.

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